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Custom Weapons

ITG specializes in custom handcrafted weapons direct from our factory in Long Quan, China, the most well known place for sword making in China for the past 2600 years.  Our factory is reputed for its superior material and works with the finest craftwork in the industry. The Long Quan art of making  swords is done in the same traditional way as in the early days of the Chu dynasty. ITG has masters and sword craftsmen who are experts in the art of sword making. ITG weapons are made of the finest high carbon steel, carbon steel, spring steel and stainless steel.  At ITG, we aspire to the highest standards of fine sword making and our love for high quality weapons are expressed in the creation of our swords.  In fact, we are so proud of our weapons that we are willing to fully guarantee all the weapons with the ITG logo.


At ITG, we can custom inlayed your inscription on special order handcrafted orders. These handcrafted swords can be designed, engraved or styled to suite your requests. Whether your sword is for an upcoming martial arts competition, display or for a personal gift, we can meet your needs for the best-handcrafted swords in the industry.

Master Stamps

In addition to our handcrafted swords and weapons, we make authentic inspiring master's stamps made of Tenkoku stone and in high quality Jade. Our master's stamps and personal stamps express Tensho style calligraphy and are a pictograph and fingerprint of who you are in your past, present and future with its striking character and design. Master stamps are carved and inscribed in traditional form and serves as an official seal in correspondence, certificates, and letters and are a notable signature for all masters.

Martial Art Supplies and Gifts

At ITG, we also sell a wide variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino martial art weapons (swords, daos, katanas, spears, knifes, sticks, etc) and supplies (gears, uniforms, shoes, training videos).  ITG also have the country's largest collection of Chinese martial art training videos.  For all the Sifus, masters, and martial arties, we can also custom make master stamps using Tenskoku stone and Jade.  We have a wide variety of jewelries (particularly freshwater cultured pearls), gifts, Chinese dresses, tea and tea sets.

                                                                                                                          Dr. John H. Lee 



*you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any martial art training equipment*

Custom order- design, Etching

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     ITG  Master Stamp

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