15 s.  Pavillion ave. NJ 08075, USA. 

TEL: (856)824-0085     hsilee102@yahoo.com
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When the craftsmen of Longquan began forging swords more than 2,500 years ago, their handiwork quickly found its way to mighty warriors in every corner of China. Now those same swords have found their way even farther, to a squat strip mall in a blue-collar section of Burlington County in New Jersey.


Dr. Hsi John Lee

  • International Traders Group (ITG) founder, maker and exporter of martial art weapons and supplies
  • Kung Fu practitioner for over 30 years. 
    • White Crane Kung Fu from Grandfather Liu at Fu Zhou, China
    • Other styles from many great martial artist and practitioners from all over the world.
  • International Traditional Kung Fu Judge
  • Long Chuan sword craftsman
    • Learned sword forging, sharpening, dressing, etc
  • International and domestic workshops and seminars
    • Mat cutting workshop
    • Basic foundations
    • Application of weapons
    • Sword sharpening
    • Pressure point applications
    • Chinese herbal medicines
  • Featured in:
    • Inside Kung Fu Magazine
    • Princeton news
    • World Journal news
    • Burlington County Times
    • Trenton Times
    • Tsing Dao News
    • Long Chuan News, China
    • Long Chuan TV, China
    • Hang Zhou TV, China
    • and many others