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>> Japanese Cavalier's Sword
  Damascus Blade is completely manually crafted by top artisans of Dragon Well. Body of the blade was skillfully forged enabling cloud Wooden/Watering pattern. The watering pattern on the sides shows the laminate construction of high-carbon steel edge. The blade is smooth and glossy as the peaceful surface of a calm lake with tiny movement of waves. It takes one month to polish and mount the Blade. All polish is done by hand with absolute natural materials including more than 15 different grades of grindstone, paper, and powder. Production took 40 to 60 days from top artisans of dragon well evidence by manual hammering of the blade compared to machine finishing.
 Swords are razor sharp and ready for (test cutting).
This sword has a 28.25" blade, 10.5" handle and is 39" overall. The tip of the blade is 1.75" come with groove or no groove

                                                             (all blades available for customization depending upon inventory)

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